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Little Tigers Over 3's

Little Tigers is registered for 28 children and the children lovingly call themselves 'Big Tigers', we are based at Rogiet Primary School and opened in 2011.

We are an English speaking group where Welsh is used incidentally as part of our curriculum. We are a privately run nursery that provides happy, safe and secure care and education for your child the term after their 3rd Birthday.  Little Tigers has a large outdoor area with many areas of interest including a mud kitchen, sand and water play and a gardening growing area.

This setting has full disabled access both indoors and outdoors. We ensure that our activities give every child, regardless of gender, disability, religion, colour or culture an equal opportunity. 

Nursery education sessions are funded by the local authority, Monmouthshire County Council. We are inspected by Care Inspectorate for Wales and Estyn to ensure high quality care and education is provided. We work closely with the Education Achievement Service to ensure educational sessions meet the requirements of the curriculum for Wales. 

Little Tigers is able to provide funding for all children the term after their 3rd Birthday, this being in either January, April or September. The children wear a red uniform similar to that of Rogiet Primary School, we have found over the years that the children feel valued by this and included with the school as a whole. We hold transition sessions weekly with the reception class and teachers and carry out tours of the school, this eases the children in very gently as in previous years the children are confident to attend reception in the coming September. We also carry out transition sessions for those children who will move onto a different school.

We promote healthy eating in Little Tigers and provide only health snacks consisting of fresh fruit and vegetables, water and milk. We promote independence by providing a self service snack bar for the children, this is monitored by staff but children are encouraged to serve themselves.

Each child has their own 'cubby hole' which is recognisable to them via a portrait picture. In your child's cubby hole you will find any master pieces they would like to take home as well as newsletters and invoices. 

What will your child learn in Little Tigers?

  • To be become a confident individual

  • Explore a range of mark making opportunities

  • To socialise with other children and form friendships

  • Enjoy a fully independent snack cafe

  • Participate in small group activities

  • Dance and movement

  • To engage in outdoor play and activities

  • To enjoy the wider community - cafe, nursing home etc

  • Cooking and gardening skills

  • To become an ambitious learner

  • Songs and rhymes

  • Team work and taking risks

  • Woodwork skills


Little Tigers like to make use of what is in and around our community and enhance our learning opportunities, therefore we make regular trips to our community cafe, our local nursing home and woodlands near by. Learning within the setting is enhanced by weekly cooking activities and wood work sessions where the children get to use 'real' tools to create their own masterpieces.

During your child's time in Little Tigers, they will be given a key worker.

Your child's key worker will ensure your child's achievements in nursery are

recorded in their 'Learning Journal'. These are shared with parents/carers

during parent consultations or anytime in between. You can ask to speak to your child's key worker at any stage.

Your child will be assessed throughout the year inline with the Curriculum for Wales and such assessments will be recorded and forwarded onto your child's requested reception teacher after parent consultations.

What will your child need to bring?

  • A water bottle containing water (this will be refilled)

  • Spare set of clothes, including pants and socks

  • A packed lunch if staying for lunch club

  • Wellies (in the winter)

30 hours Childcare Offer

The childcare Offer Wales is a Welsh Government Scheme providing up to 30 hours a week of education and childcare for eligible working parents of 3 to 4 year olds, for up to 48 weeks of the year. 

Eligible parents will be allowed to take up their childcare with any registered childcare provider that suits their personal and family circumstance so long as the setting is registered with CIW.

During term time the 30 hours will consist of a combination of nursery education sessions of 10 hours per week and 20 hours childcare per week. During the 9 weeks of holiday entitlement, the full 30 hours can be taken up as childcare. Eligible parents can access their 9 weeks of holiday provision whenever they choose, however, it is the parent's responsibility to find a provider that offers the provision that best suits their needs.  Parents will need to access their provision in week long blocks.  Hours of childcare cannot be accrued across weeks. 

Parents are unable to accrue hours.  Parents will be provided with a total of 30 hours a week of combined education provision and childcare, with parents choosing how much of the 30 hours to take up.  Any hours not used in a week will be lost.

Providers can charge additional fees to parents for food; however, this cannot exceed more than £7.50 per day. Providers can also charge for activities and transport, such as trips off site that may incur an additional cost or pick ups/drop offs.

For further details, eligibility and to apply for the Childcare Offer please see Monmouthshire Family Information Service website. 

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